Alternative Gardening

​2015 Straw Bale Garden


​Here at Fieldview Country Markets... we are always looking for ways to grow our delicious produce in new and innovative ways!  Methods that might help save some time, space, and/or energy.  Not only have we found this to be educational and benefit our own ambitions here at the farm, but we thought it would be a great idea to share the new ideas we have researched with all of our visitors.  When you visit one of our locations make sure to stop in the shop to grab a couple informative brochures about the gardening methods we have implemented, at the farm and the greenhouse (beyond the traditional methods of course).  Each alternative garden's brochure will give a quick overview of the method and the benefits of that particular method.  Then take a stroll out to actually see these alternative gardens at work!  We do politely ask that you DO NOT pick the produce from these areas though.  The produce will be available pre-picked in the shop. 

​2015 Straw Bale Garden.


2015 Straw Bale Garden

We are currently in the process of building our first Hugelkultur.  This is another amazing alternative gardening method.  It can easily be described as a raised planting bed built on top of decaying wood and other compostable plant materials.  There are various types of construction methods but we have decided to start with just a standard Hugelkultur bed.  Pictures will be available soon!

A gardening idea developed by straw bale gardening pioneer Joel Karsten.  Our first attempt at this method of gardening was in the 2015 growing season.  We started small not really knowing what to expect, but decided the beneficial outcome of this method called for a larger area to be set aside so we could increase the number of bales for further use of this ingenious gardening method.  This was the first alternative gardening method implemented here at the farm.